W3.0_TK_OMNICLASS 3D WBS on Mine Facilities Project

  1. Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

Mine camp and Mine facilities is needed to support mine contract operation and shall be ready before mining operation started. WBS development is required to facilitate control the budget and schedule. Is the use of OMNICLASS 3D WBS can be applied to this project ?

  1. Development of the Feasible Alternatives

There are three primary Standardized WBS templates appropriate for nearly all of the “built environment” including oil, gas and mining and other process applications:

  1. Construction Specification Institute (CSI)
  2. NORSOK Standard Z-014, standard cost coding system (SCCS) (Rev.1, Oct.2002)

NORZOK is commonly used in Off-shore operation.

OMNICLASS is a strategy for classifying the entire built environment.

3D WBS is based on three main dimensions: Zones Breakdown Structure (ZBS), Products Breakdown Structure (PBS) and Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS).

  1. Development of the Outcomes for Each Alternative

Following are 15 inter related OMNICLASS Table:

Figure-01 Omniclass Table

OMNICLASS Table as reference above can be plotted as a parralel axis of the three main axis of the project cube.

  • GBS    : Table 13, Table 14, or Table 21
  • PBS    : Table 11, Table 12, Table 23, or Table 36
  • ABS    : Table 22, Table 31, or Table 32
  • OBS    : Table 33 or Table 34
  • RBS    : Table 35
  • Task    : Table 41 or Table 49


Figure-02 3D WBS Cube

  1. Selection of Criteria

Characteristics of the WBS:

  • WBS defines output
  • WBS is hierarchical
  • One WBS level’s output is an input to the next higher level.
  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

By using OMNICLASS Standard Table as reference, 3D WBS for the project is as follow:

A. Zone Breakdown Structure (ZBS)

Figure-03 ZBS Table 13


Figure-03 Zone Breakdown Structure (ZBS) Table-13

B. Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)

Figure-04 PBS Table 11

Figure-04 Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) Table-11

C. Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS)

Figure-05 ABS Table 22




Figure-05 Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS) Table-22

D. Resources Breakdown Structure (RBS) – the fourth dimension

Figure-06 OBS Table 33

Figure-06 Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) Table-33.

  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

Based on exercise above OMNICLASS WBS Table Standard is compatible with 3D WBS, which provides very detail WBS. The challenge is how to find what is WBS table fit to our project description.


  1. Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Results

The required items description may not always available on the OMNICLASS Table to match with project scope, if possible we have to change description as needed in order to more clear understanding.


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1 Response to W3.0_TK_OMNICLASS 3D WBS on Mine Facilities Project

  1. drpdg says:

    Hi Pak Teguh,
    OK, I will accept this but you’ve missed some really important points about these “different” WBS structures…..

    CSI’s Masterformat and Uniformat have BECOME Omniclass Tables 21 (Unformat) and Table 22 (Masterformat) So there is no difference between them….

    Norzok Z-014 is ONLY for OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS projects, so that is really not a viable alternative…..

    What the means is your FEASIBLE ALTERNATIVES should NOT have been CSI, Norsok or Omniclass but which of the Omniclass tables are the “best” or “most appropriate” for you to use…

    What saved you is that when you actually set up the problem, you did it correctly, ignoring CSI and Norsok and exploring which of the Omniclass tables are “best” for your projects….

    Also for Step 7, you really should not CHANGE the Omniclass Tables as they will mess up your database. What would be BETTER would be to send your suggested improvements/additions to Omniclass, that way, they can expand Omniclass tables and keep them updated……

    Dr. PDG, Bali Indonesia


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