W8_RM_Execise of My Rebaseline

1.    Problem Definition.

As the AACE Preparation Program is running in week 9 now, based on conversation with the client related to some issues such as paper submission deadline and  cost performance, The Author needs to prepare for his Individual re-baseline in this posting, and further will be combined become group re-baseline.

2.    Identify the Feasible Alternative.

Basically, re-baseline is the exercise of modifying the project plan to closely match the cumulative actual cost line [1].

There are two methods of re-baseline will be used:

  1. Using sunk cost with formula BCWP = ACWP and BCWS = ACWP at the date of re-baseline (method 1)[2]; and
  2. Refer to ANSI 748 that only adjust the amount of BCWS impacted by amount of change orders at the date of re-baseline (method 2) [3].

These two methods present in following figure:


Figure 1. Two Methods of Re-baseline [3]

3.    Development of the Outcome for Alternative.

Following table shows Author progress until Week 9:

New Picture

Table 1. Author Progress Until Week 9

As shown, BCWS is $10,237, BCWP is $10,237, and ACWP is $6,642. Hence,  SPI is 1 (on schedule), and CPI is 1.54 (under budget). Table 1 also shows that the cause of CPI > 1 is over estimating in Golden 01  that need to be adjusted during re-baseline. Ideally, it need to do learning curve analysis to see what is the ideal man hour of Golden 01, but in this blog Author has personal justification that Golden 01 should be adjusted to 0,5 hour per week.

For exercising re-baseline, week 10 progress assumed as follows:

New Picture

Table 2. Progress Until Week 10 (Prediction)

On the two following methods, Author has included change order schedule of Paper deadline submission for two weeks and ended in week 11 instead of week 9 in original schedule.

Method 1

As mentioned above in Method 1, re-baseline is done by setting value of both BCWS and BCWP to value of ACWP at the date of re-baseline (W10).

Following figures shows re-baseline result using Method 1:

New Picture

Table 3. Re-Baseline Using Method 1

New Picture

Figure2. Graphical Figure Re-baseline using Method 1

As shown, at W10, BCWS, BCWP and ACWP are set to 6,642, which is value of ACWP in W10.

Method 2

In the method 2, only BCWP is adjusted, while BCWP and ACWP are maintain at their original value, as shown on the following table:

New Picture

Table 4. Re-baseline using Method 2

New Picture

Figure 3. Graphical Figure Re-baseline using Method 2

As shown , at W10, BCWP and ACWP are maintained at their original value (BCWP = 10,191 and ACWP = 6,642). While BCWS is begin adjusted by changing the weekly man-hours of Golden 02 from 2 to 0,5.

4.    Selection of Criteria.

It is important to compare the result of  both methods, especially for total project cost.

5.    Analysis and Comparison of the Alternative.

Following table shows caparison of re-baseline using Method 1 and Method 2:

New Picture.png

Table 5. Compassion Results of Method 1 and Method 2

In  Method 1, BCWS is set to ACWP, BCWS of  Method 1 is closer to ACWP, than Method 2, so that Method 1 is more realistic than Method 2.

6.    Selection of the Preferred Alternative.

Based on comparison result above, Author prefer using Method 1 as reference during re-baseline in W10.

7.    Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result.

After doing re-baseline, it is important to commit to the schedule to maintain the progress going on schedule.


  1. Humphreys, G. C. (2002). Lerning Curve. Project Management Using Earned Value (3rd ed.). Chapter 34. CA: Humphreys & Associates, Inc.
  2. Wain, Yosep Asro. (2014). W9. Exercise My Baseline. Retrieved from: https://kristalaace2014.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/w9_yaw_exercise-my-re-baseline/
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3 Responses to W8_RM_Execise of My Rebaseline

  1. drpdg says:

    OUTSTANDING job, Pak Rico!!!! Very well done analysis…….. Be sure to remember this for your REAL PROJECTS…… Very few people really understand how to rebaseline correctly!!!

    The big challenge is going to be how ACCURATE, PRECISE and RELIABLE can you do your ESTIMATE TO COMPLETE (ETC) calculation? Do you think you can maintain an SPI of 0.97 to 1.03? Can you maintain a CPI of 0.95 to 1.05?

    Looking forward to seeing a rebaselined schedule. BTW, did I miss something? I have yet to see any FORMAL CHANGE ORDERS being submitted yet? I know we have discussed it and I will accept them but they MUST BE SUBMITTED USING THE CHANGE ORDER TEMPLATE…..

    Dr. PDG, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


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